NEW! Burger Puzzle and Burger Busy Cubes!

Our latest product! 

Burger cubes are small and easy to bring out!

Keep your little ones entertained for hours with the puzzles instead of screen time.


– Portable and travel friendly

– Puzzle game stimulates the brain

– Develops problem solving skills

– Comes with hook that can be secured to handbags, strollers and more..

– Baby-safe water-soluble paint that is non-toxic

– Coated with food-grade beeswax

Enough said, we let the videos do the talking.

Busy Cube (Easy / Average / Challenging) 

Keep your little ones occupied with busy cubes!

Our travel size busy cubes allows you to easily bring it around.

Benefits of the Busy Cube includes:

– Travel size
– Suitable for tiny hands and fingers to train their fine motor skills
– Improve visual-motor coordination
– Improves focus
– Good substitute for screen-time
– Understand cause-effect relationship
– Stimulates the brain

The Busy Cubes comes in 3 difficulty level to cater for your child’s needs: Easy/Average/Challenging.