In our Bag for fun happy home ground series, we will be sharing extra fun and educative things parents can do with their children.

For today’s happy homeground, we did a little educative experiment¬†for the little ones to learn – A Nature Bottle.

Few items are required to make this and can be found at home.

Items needed:
– 1 Plastic Bottle (any bottle will do as long as the water does not sip out when the children shakes it)
– Water
– Food Colouring ( we used blue as it contrast against the oil colour, which is naturally yellow)
– Cooking oil
– Small objects that can fit into the bottle


– Fill 1/2 the bottle with water
– Add the blue colouring and mix it with the water
– Pour in the oil, leaving some space at the top

You can stop here and the objective of this experiment would have already been met.
But we decided to continue a little bit more, taking the chance to go outdoors and to get some sunlight.
We went in search for little stones, dried leaves, fallen flowers etc. and dropped it into the bottle. By doing this, we create an “i-spy” bottle which also acts like a memory game which helps our little ones remember what they picked up.

2 things for your little ones to observe:
1. Observe how colour changes when being mixed.
2. Observe how oil and water separates – oil is less dense than water.

Besides having fun, we also achieved some learning goals:
1. Discovery of the world
2. Gross Motor Skills Developement
3. Aesthetics and Creative Expression
4. Memory Strengthening

Hope your little one would enjoy this activity as much as we did.

Your BFF