Have you gotten out BFF Easter Bags?

Good Friday is just round the corner. What are you going to do with your children this Good Friday? Whether is it going out or staying at home, spend some time with your family this weekend.

Our BFF Easter Bags are a great way to teach our little ones on the true meaning of Easter. Is Easter really all about easter bunnies and chocolate eggs? That’s what our children might think. So in our BFF Easter Bags, we start of with an easter egg hunt that which will unravel the Easter story.

Your child will have fun finding the eggs hidden by you, look at their excitement and sense of accomplishment when they have found all the eggs! This eggs will each contain puzzle where you can explain the Easter story to your child with the help of the story board.

Have fun and learn how Jesus cleanses us from our sins with a mini science experiment.

Some have tried it and here’s what they say:
” Learning all about easter – seemingly abstract christian concepts made toddler-understandable by @bagforfunbff.sg ”

” Since Good Friday is approaching, we spent sometime reading the bible and thankfully we got a hold of the Easter kit from @bagforfunbff.sg for our follow-up activities. We did have a meaningful time and more importantly, have fun together.”

Share with us your experience as well!

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